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Buffl helps you create and learn learning content from all areas of knowledge. This guide shows you how to use Buffl, for yourself or in collaboration with others.

Our mission is to make learning and teaching more accessible and effective. Buffl provides a platform to share and organize knowledge from a wide variety of fields.

Self-learning in school, university, or vocational training

Most users use Buffl to create their own content from school, university, or vocational training and prepare for exams. The open learning system and diverse formats are suitable for all subjects and fields of study. There are no limits to the creativity in how Buffl can be used.

Collaborative creation of learning content

Buffl is excellent for working together on learning materials. Content can be easily shared with other users. Various roles allow for precise determination of who has reading and writing rights.

Online teaching for schools and universities

A Buffl course is perfect for offering attractive online teaching to your students. Many schools and universities use Buffl for organizations. We provide various features such as group organization or user account management. For more information, contact us at

Training and instructional materials in companies

Buffl can also be used by companies and organizations to create and organize training and instructional materials. This allows employees to quickly and easily access important information and expand their knowledge.

Selling online courses

Through our Buffl Community, it is possible to publish courses and make them accessible to everyone. These public courses can also be sold through our platform. We handle the purchase process and provide you with credit.